Avocado Gun T-Shirt


Super dope, non glow in the dark but looks like they might glow in the dark t-shirts. Drawn by Robbie, hand printed by us. Greenish/white ink on a black t-shirt.

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We’ve all been there. You’re walking down the street and you see some asshole wearing a crown. You think to yourself, “This guy ain’t no king of mine” and before you know he’s all “Hey cocktouch! Bow to me before I send you to the dungeon to rot in your own pitiful existence!” No way are we letting this shitlick talk to us like that on our own fucking block. I mean we grew up on this block and he just shows up out of nowhere talking some shit like that? Yeah right, not today, not ever. So what do you do? You pull out your switchblade, do some fancy switchblade tricks and tell him to go eat rocks. Easy peasy, this block is yours again. But OH SHIT! HE HAS A FUCKING GUN! Normally what would we do? Run. Thats right run. But today we got some cutie with a booty looking at us and he’s got a fly 2001 Chevy Lumina with the tinted windows and the tape adapter so we can plug in our phone and play him so dope tunes. We’re looking to impress this dude. So today we don’t run. We fight. We Matrix his ass and dodge all those weak ass bullets, run up the wall and roundhouse his face to the ground. And right as Mr. Cutie with a Booty gives us that little smirk, we rip off the head of King dick shitter and knock his teeth out. Cutie with a booty is impressed. Give him those teeth as a sign of loyalty and put that “King’s” head on an ice cream cone. Slice up some avocado and you’ve got a cheap, on the fly date worthy of 10,000 repins on Pinterest. 100% cotton.

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